CBS reported,

Stephen Curry has pledged himself to under armour to renew 2024.He want to help them to become the leading sports brand.

September 17, 2015, shoe manufacturer Under Armour (UA) announced they was planning to sign on Stephen Curry's who played for Golden State Warriors until 2024.
When Curry first to enter the NBA, choose Nike, Nike contract amount at that time amounted to $ 2.5 million per year. In 2013, when Dema to provide him a new shoe contract, the contract amount of $ 400 million annually. Nike has the right to match the contract, but they eventually gave up. Now he and Andrew Mada officially became the new contract. This is the library's third career shoe contract.

The new contract amount of agreement so far are not disclosed, but ESPN reporter Darren Rovell news that the company will have a certain number of shares under armour shoes inside this new contract Curry. Taking into account the excellent Curry last season and great influence, the amount of the contract should also be much higher than $ 4 million before.

Curry said: "From the (contract) the first day, under armour let me feel the warmth of home within the first two years of the time of our cooperation, we and off the field have made a lot of achievements in me. look at the rest of my career and after (retired life), are part of the brand story. "

"Let us spread the athletes get a better idea and passion, and gradually to the rest of the athletes instill confidence whole team did a great job, the development of outstanding performance, innovative products, but also for me other athletes from around the world to communicate and create a platform for the best time yet to come true. "

This year for the Curry is a fruitful year, he was elected 2014-15 regular season MVP, led the Golden State Warriors to win a championship, an All-Star votes Wang, the first signature shoe launch, he also ushered in a second kids, cheap under armour outlet this year is really great.